About Us

About Island Tanz

Island Tanz is the one and only indoor tanning facility in Crosby, TX and our goal is to provide a friendly and safe environment for our clients.

We offer an array of services and products from Sunless tanning all the way to massage and infrared body wraps. We carry primarily Devoted Creations indoor tanning lotion with the largest inventory in the area.

We carry at a minimum of 125 different skin care products at all times and our trained skin care experts will be able to give you the perfect lotion to match your pigment needs. We also carry a wide variety of tan extending moisturizers, Body wash, and cosmetics. Seasonally we also offer body Jewelry, Sunglasses, Purses, and a variety of apparel from Hoodies to bikinis.

We have been in business since 2007 and have recently moved to our new home! We’re in the Arlan’s market shopping center by Subway across from the Newport subdivision.

We made some key changes in 2015 to our fleet of tanning beds and our interior décor. We are finally complete with our new construction and have been able to sustain another 7 tanning beds along with a Massage room and many other luxurious features for our clients.

Recent Success

We are a family owned business that has been blessed in multiple ways to be able to offer the services we do to the beautiful community in and around Crosby. When we opened in 2007 we had a partnership of 2 entrepreneurs, Pat and Wayne. We provided indoor tanning and sunless airbrush services to the community for 6 years under that same business structure. In December of 2013 Pats son David while at the salon helping one of the staff members at the time decided to take a spin behind the wheel. David, an Entrepreneur himself and marketing consultant  at the time he did so with a microscope on him and his supervisors being Pat and Wayne who had let’s just say doubted him and his ability to efficiently take over the reins and continue to point to salon in the right direction. David within his first few months had created a “spark” in the store. He believes in the CANI attitude. Constant. And. Neverending. Improvement. If you tanned with us throughout 2014 then you saw this first hand. First David purchased the salon a new Level one tanning unit just 45 days after he had taken over. In early February he set a goal to purchase a High Pressure tanning unit for the salon within 24 Months. He did just that only it was done in just 1 month! Then a month later he had purchased another high level tanning unit which had taken our salon to the next level allowing us to offer more tanning options with better results. David at the end of his first year had driven the salon to new heights and allowed the salon to do things we had never dreamed of before. David still to this day always puts it on his sales teams shoulders as they are the ones who have been the main factor in the salons recent success but it takes a great leader to achieve what we have in recent years. In 2015 David started the year with just 1 goal to expand! He did so with 6+ months of design and 3 months of construction! We moved to our new location which afforded us the ability to offer an array of new services and in the end a more enjoyable and comfortable atmosphere for our clients and staff members alike. In early 2015 David became an equal, he is now he 3rd partner in the ownership of Island Tanz and has earned the right to be so. We have several achievements in our history that we are proud of however we prefer to look towards the future! So here’s what is on our to-do list for 2017. We plan to take delivery on our new Norvell Auto Revolution sunless booth, replace a current level 4 unit (likely bed 1 or 9) with a new 360 High pressure tanning unit, install tanner controlled audio options in each room, and finally we plan to continue to offer our clients the best brown in town and continue to be the PROUDLY REMAIN THE ONLY INDOOR TANNING SALON IN CROSBY TEXAS. We do not plan at this time to expand to any other areas with multiple store as we feel it is more suitable for us to continue to focus all of our efforts and attention to our beloved clients in Crosby and the other surrounding areas.