Island Tanz Equipment

Level 1

Tan America VIP Fiesta 10 Minute max. This festive bed is designed to help you get your tan on in hurry! 32x100watt Lamps and 1×500 watt facial Get in, Get out, Get tan

Level 2

Ergoline Advantage 350. The 350 features 120 watt lamps and superior body cooling Focused sunshine in an efficient design. This sunbed provides facial tanners, reflector neck tanner, and a brisk comfort cooling system. High end features not usually available at this level.

Stand up – The Power Tower –  The Power Tower is a specially designed tanning booth shaped to place you at the center of tanning intensity so you are being evenly showered with bronzing, all-over tanning power. Seven foot staggered lamp design provides head-to-toe tanning coverage

Level 3


The luxurious Ergoline Avantgarde is designed for those that are interested in building their base tan quickly. Its powerful design provides stronger bronzing results recommended for advanced tanners.

  • Built in music system
  • 12 minute maximum exposure time.
  • High pressure shoulder and facial tanners

Level 4

Matrix L58-ER is fitted with lowpressure tubes and high-.pressure lamps: 32 140 W tubes and 4 650 W lamps in the upper part of the solarium, in four identical units, and 20 160 W tubes in the lower part. Open design, ventilation adjustable by user, a powerful hot air extraction system and air conditioning (optional) guarantee maximum comfort. An LCD electronic card allows four different exposure times to be selected. This unit is a 15 minute tanning session and is only available in the Platinum Package at Island Tanz in Crosby TX.

Efficient, safe and comfortable, Matrix L58-ER features not only innovative and functional design, complete with the new ER reflectors, giving extremely high efficiency and lower energy consumption, but also offers important advantages both for users and operators. Technical solutions for enhanced safety include electronic monitoring of the absence of damage to filters, operating temperature and correct operation of the solarium ventilation system, with automatic halting of tanning sessions in case of malfunctions.

On the new MATRIX line, the distance between tanning units eliminates the unpleasant sensation of claustrophobia, and users feel themselves literally surrounded by light. The layout of the lamps and their distance from the body allow power to be used in the best possible way, ensuring a remarkable uniformity of tanning.

Ergoline 650 Turbo
The ultimate bronze tanning experience. This new innovative tanning bed has the least amount of burning rays and the most amounts of golden tan bronzing results, in a short 8-15 minutes session. It is one of the best beds in the industry for people of all skin types, who would like to get the longest lasting tanning results, in a luxurious comfortable environment, with very little chance of burning. People who have a medium to dark skin type, can maintain an amazing golden tan with as little as 4 sessions per month. Most clients, especially with fair skin can achieve the best results by doing 3 sessions every other day for the first week, then can maintain their great color with 1 or 2 sessions per week. This elite tanning experience also offers an air conditioned cool environment, with high powered fans, and a gentle breezy mist to give the most luxurious tanning comfort. It also provides and incredibly spacious tanning and open area to lay on, to help any clients who may be claustrophobic

Max 10 by KBL Megasun
This unit is our newest addition to Island Tanz and has a built in Audio guidance system, Music, Aqua mist, Aroma Therapy and MUCH MORE! This unit has 2 High pressure shoulder tanners, 4x 800 watt facial tanners, and 48x 200 watt body lamps! This unit is our newest flagship featuring Air conditioner and a max tan time of just 10 minutes! In a hurry? Then the max 10 was made for you!